In a galaxy far, far, away there lies the Kingdom of Biscuit – a large modern kingdom led by a pink-haired charismatic princess, it’s military commanded by the great knight Eclair, and it’s research led by the orange-furred-artillery-tactician Ricotta.

Ever since my adventures through Wanko to Kurasou I’ve never been able to stay away from my beloved dog girls, and Dog Days is no exception.  This is definitely my guilty pleasure for this season…

When you walk into watching Dog Days, you can get a lot of wrong first impressions.  The major ones would be that this is a serious anime or that this is a bad anime.  I think Dog Days facilitates some people setting themselves up for disappointment.  As a huge fan of war drama, I can say that I felt a bit of lack luster after watching the first episode.  The fact that the “wars” (which easily could of been amazing) are actually treated as a sports event kills the early atmosphere impression that a real war war between cats and dogs is going on in a universe where you summon middle school boys to be war heroes.

And then, you realize exactly what I just wrote in the last sentence and come to the conclusion that this anime wasn’t serious from the start.  So, the next thing you think is that this is a bad anime.  I followed on with these jokes from the start – convinced that my love for this anime came exclusively from my love of dog girls and dislike of cat girls – but then I realized, what part of this anime is “bad” exactly?

The pacing and direction is amazing.  The character design is detailed.  The music is adequate.  The animation is fluid and comes from an experienced studio (Seven Arcs).  The voice actor list includes superstars like Norio Wakamoto and Nana Mizuki.  The special effects team is off the charts.  The only thing anyone can hold against this anime is just the sheer lulzyness of it’s content, setting, and plot.

It’s not even a bad plot, it’s just…weird.

The main leads are a bit lack luster but they do their jobs of being moral fags like many other stories I’m sure we all remember (I’m looking at you Shirou).  The truth is it’s hard to put into words what draws me to watching Dog Days.  Maybe my days of LOYALTY at Ye ‘olde Orange Farm just draw me to supporting an entire dog kingdom.  Maybe it’s the facial expressions I see streaked across Eclair’s embarrassed face.  Maybe it’s just because I want to pet Ricotta’s ears that badly.

Maybe I’m just easy to please?  I get my little dog-ear girl treats and I wag my tail?  I want to feel guilty for liking it but I’m just too damned shameless.  Let out a bark if you’re feeling the same way.